Prue, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell have had to face a harsh reality. They are witches. The Halliwell sisters are "The Charmed Ones," a trio of good witches destined to protect the innocent. They each posses a special gift, but their true power is in The Power of Three, when the sisters work together. Instigating teamwork isn't easy with three sisters who disagree about almost everything. Turns out they were destined to be witches all along, and just never knew it. Their mother passed away before she could educate the girls about the world of Wicca. Only recently have the sisters been reunited in the Victorian home they grew up in under their grandmother's care. It hasn't been easy maintaining their "Charmed" status. Prue, Piper and Phoebe have had to learn their power's potential the hard way...through trial and error. Mastering their new skills while dodging evil demons, warlocks and other bad guys has been challenging and life-threatening. It's also been tough for the sisters to learn the limits of their powers while fighting the temptation to use their powers for themselves. What harm can a little love spell do? A lot. Using their powers for their own gain is a big no-no, not only can it get them in Wicca trouble, but their guilty conscience sure makes them pay as well. Hiding their powers from the curious has also been difficult, especially when Prue's re-ignited flame, Andy Trudeau, was a police detective. But romance takes a back seat when the sisters are constantly under suspicion in bizarre police investigations. Can't witches date? Or lead a normal life? This is a New Age, politically correct world, isn't it? A witch should be able to have a love life, right? So, just how does a modern-day witch balance supernatural life--with all of its battles against evil, spell-casting and secrecy--with love, career and family? It's a constant challenge for Prue, Piper and Phoebe. Tune in to find out.

Starring Shannen Doherty as Prue, Holly Marie Combs as Piper, and Alyssa Milano as Phoebe, "Charmed" is a Spelling Television Production.

Prue Halliwell (Shannen Doherty) has the power to move objects with her mind. This includes people, demons and sometimes furniture, which she can fling across a room.

Piper Halliwell (Holly Marie Combs) has the ability to stop time. While normal life is frozen, time continues for the sisters. Unfortunately, the effect doesn't last long.

Phoebe Halliwell (Alyssa Milano) can see into the future and-- sometimes--the past. Just the slightest touch of a person or object can set a premonition in motion.

Book of Shadows: A relatively new term for a collection of information in book form. Sort of a witch's how-to guide and much akin to a magical cookbook. Another name for this text is "grimoire."

Ceremony of Initiation: A ceremony of honor held by a group to welcome an initiate into the Craft.

Charm: Either an amulet or talisman that has been charged by saying an incantation over it and instilling it with energy for a specific task.

Coven: A group of witches who work together in an organized fashion for positive magical endeavors or to perform religious ceremonies. The covenstead is the meeting place of the witches, often a fixed building or place where a witch can feel safe and at home.

Familiar: An animal who has a spiritual bond with a witch; often it's the family pet. Familiars can also be entities created to protect your home from the astral.

Fire Festivals: Four festivals associated with planting, harvesting, and hunting.

Manifesting Magick: Using your will to make something happen. Willing something to occur.

Pentagram: A five-pointed, upright star is considered a pentagram. Worn as a symbol of a witch's belief and used in magical ceremonies. Each point on the star has a specific meaning: earth, air, fire, water and spirit. A pentagram with a circle around it symbolizes a passive spiritual containment keeping in tune with the traditional secrecy of witchcraft. A pentagram without a surrounding circle symbolizes a prepared awareness. An inverted pentagram often denotes a dark aspect or force and can be considered a negative sign.

Spirit Board: A spirit board is a flat board with letters, numbers and the words "yes" and "no" etched on the surface. When called on, spirits guide the pointer on the board to spell or select answers to questions.

Tarot: Set of 78 picture cards used to reveal hidden truths.

Warlock: According to the The Book of Shadows on "Charmed," these are evil demons who hunt and kill witches. Warlocks are former witches who failed to follow the "Wiccan Rede" (moral code).

Wicca: Alternative name for modern witchcraft. The practice and beliefs of Wicca date back to ancient times and formed the roots of the term 'witch" in Old English.

Wiccan Rede: A moral code for all witches: "An ye harm none, do what ye will." The basic idea is that as long as witches do not harm anyone with their potions and spells, they are free to do as they like.

Witch: A person, male or female, who follows the ways of Wicca. A witch is not evil, yet if a witch uses her powers for evil she will regret it.

Episode #35, "Animal Pragmatism" Warner Bros. recording artist Janice Robinson guest stars on this Valentine's Day episode where Phoebe learns her new college buddies have used a book of spells to turn three animals into men. Their romantic intentions turn scary when their dates retain some dangerous animal qualities and begin attacking innocent students. While Janice Robinson (recent hits "Nothing I would Change" and "Search For Love") performs at the club, Phoebe accidentally creates a real zoo when her attempt to reverse the spell turns all the patrons into animals. Meanwhile, Piper's Valentine's Day dinner with Dan is complicated by the constant presence of her former guardian angel-turned-mortal, Leo, who is now working at the club and Prue is trying to adjust to her new unemployed lifestyle.

Episode #34, "Awakened" Original Air Date, 02/03/00 When Piper suddenly comes down with a mysterious and life-threatening illness that appears incurable, Prue and Phoebe ignore the code which prevents witches from using spells for personal gain and cure Piper with an "Awakening spell." The spell has an unfortunate side effect of spreading the dangerous disease to other patients in the hospital. Determined to save innocent lives, Piper puts her own life in danger insisting her sisters help her reverse the spell. Unable to watch Piper die, Leo risks his own code of ethics saving Piper at the last minute. Altered by life's recent events, Prue says good-bye to her job and Jack. Piper learns she spoke Leo's name in the hospital after he saved her and she has some explaining to do to Dan which gets even more complicated when Piper learns Leo's White Lighter wings were clipped for saving her life. Unfettered by his recent suspension from his job, Leo tells Piper his mortality will allow him to fight to win her love back.

Episode #33, "Reckless Abandon" Original Air Date, 01/27/00 Detective Morris puts his job on the line when he allows Phoebe to take a seemingly abandoned baby home so the Charmed Ones can protect him from a vengeful ghost Phoebe has seen in a terrifying vision. When Prue and Piper discover that the ghost has systematically been killing off the men in the family, they ask the matriarch (guest star Stephanie Beacham, "Sunset Beach") to help find the reason for the murders before the baby boy meets the same fate. Meanwhile, Jack tries to persuade Prue to accompany him on a business trip and Piper's relationship with Dan takes an exciting turn.

Episode #32, "Heartbreak City" Original Air Date, 01/20/00 A dateless Phoebe comes to the aid of Cupid (guest star Michael Reilly Burke) when a demon of hate named Drazi (guest star Clayton Rohner) steals Cupid’s powerful love ring and sets out to destroy all his recent love matches. Cupid's future looks bleak as he watches the couples he's paired go from loving mates to sparring enemies and the bad vibes are spreading into the relationships of the Charmed Ones. Prue uses her newly discovered power of astral projection, to help Piper and Phoebe kill Drazi, but Drazi returns from the dead to wreak havoc in the love lives of the Charmed Ones a second time. Phoebe convinces Piper to freeze the demon of hate, returning Cupid his love ring, so that the second time they try the demon is banished forever. All returns to normal in the love lives of the Charmed Ones and many others. Even Phoebe gets a thank you kiss from Cupid that leaves her smiling.

Episode #31, "Ms. Hellfire" Original Air Date, 01/13/00 When the Charmed Ones barely escape an attempt on their lives by a mysterious hit woman known only as "Ms. Hellfire," Prue assumes the assassin's identity in order to find out who hired her. While Piper and Phoebe race against time to protect the next potential target on the hit list Prue's undercover work gets her entangled with a ruthless criminal (guest star Antonio Sabato, Jr.) who ultimately leads the Halliwell sisters to a confrontation with their old enemy, Barbas (guest star Billy Drago).

Episode #30, "P3 H20" Original Air Date, 12/09/99 Don't go near the water. The Halliwell sisters face the truth about their mother's death years before when they revisit the long-closed summer camp and lake where she mysteriously drowned. Prue, Piper and Phoebe witness two more present-day violent drownings and meet Sam (guest star Scott Jaeck), a homeless man who they find out was once their mother's White Lighter. To save the young campers who are returning to the newly opened camp, Prue must face her greatest fear and follow in her mother's fatal footsteps to destroy a watery demon. Meanwhile, Leo and Piper learn that they aren't the first White Lighter and witch to fall in love

Episode #29, "They're Everywhere" Original Air Date, 11/18/99 Prue and Piper give in to their fears that the men in their lives may be Warlocks and cast a mind-reading spell to find out the truth. Meanwhile, a group of brain-zapping Warlocks called "Collectors" are after a young man, Eric (guest star Greg Mehlman), who has translated ancient tablets that contain all historical events in the past and future. Eric destroys the actual stone tablets, limiting the knowledge to his own mind and becoming prey to the "Collectors" who want the power of the tablets. Using Eric's father as bait, the "Collectors" lure Eric to them and zap Phoebe when she tries to help out. Prue and Piper use their ability to read each others minds and trick the Warlocks into zapping each other right out of existence saving Eric, his father and a bewildered Phoebe. Luckily, Prue and Piper find out their recent flames are not Warlocks, although Jack (guest star Lochlyn Munro) has been playing tricks on Prue with his twin brother. Piper takes a romantic leap of faith and heads off for the weekend with Dan.

Episode #28, "That Old Black Magic" Original Air Date, 11/11/99 A trio of film students are the victims of a heart-stealing evil witch(guest star Brigid Brannagh)who escapes from over 200 years of entombment hunting for her magical scepter. Leo returns to help get the staff into the hands of the only person who can use the wand for good, The Chosen One, and bumps into Piper with her new love interest, Dan. Trying to put the awkwardness aside Leo, Piper and Phoebe find the Chosen One who turns out to be a reluctant teenager named Kyle while Prue stumbles across the magical scepter. Ignoring Leo's warnings, the Halliwell sisters attempt to find and defeat the witch and barely escape with their lives. Protected only by a fake courage potion concocted by Prue, Kyle saves the day destroying the evil witch by using the magical scepter. The victory becomes bittersweet when Leo faces Piper's choice to end their difficult romance and begin a new one with Dan.

Episode #27, "She's A Man, Baby, A Man!" Original Air Date, 11/04/99 The Halliwell sisters realize that Phoebe's bizarre dreams about murdering men are connected to a demon femme fatale called a Succubus who is really killing men and draining their testosterone to reproduce. Prue unwittingly casts a spell to catch the demon and turns into a guy! Posing as bait for the man-killer, Prue goes by the name Manny. Soon the Succubus zeros in on Prue, who finds her maleness has rendered her powerless to the demon's feminine charms. Phoebe uses her psychic connection to the Succubus to help Manny, who's really Prue, reject the demonic charms and bring back a very relieved and womanly Prue. Enriched by her experience as a man Prue convinces Piper to ask Leo out to the Animal Rights benefit concert starring the Cranberries.

Episode #26, "The Devil's Music" Original Air Date, 10/21/99 Piper books special musical guest star Dishwalla at her night club only to learn that the band's manager (guest star Larry Holden) has made his own evil arrangement. Prue, Piper and Phoebe find out the band's manager has made a demonic deal to trade female groupies in exchange for fame and notoriety. Meanwhile, Piper struggles emotionally with her feelings when Leo (Brian Krause) returns to help the Halliwell sisters save the fans and their young neighbor Jenny who have all fallen prey to the demon.

Episode #25, "The Painted World" Original Air Date, 10/14/99 Prue discovers someone trapped within a painting at the auction house and unwittingly repeats the Latin spell hidden under the picture casting her into another dimension with a man who's been stuck there for 70 years! Meanwhile, Piper asks their new neighbor for help renovating her new night club and Phoebe secretly casts a smart spell to help her compete for a new job. When Piper also gets stuck in the painting, Phoebe's new smarts enable her to read the Latin spell to free them all only to be tricked by the man in the painting. The man is really a warlock. He saves himself and then torches the painting. Although the smart spell is over, a cunning Phoebe tricks the warlock and his warlock lover into the painting with her. Piper freezes the warlocks within the painting while Prue, Piper, Phoebe and the cat escape back into the real world.

Episode #24, "Morality Bites" Original Air Date, 10/7/99 (#4399025) Phoebe has a horrifying premonition of her own execution. The sisters cast a one-time-only spell to go to the future and change Phoebe's fate catapulting all three into the bodies of their future selves. Piper finds she has a lovely daughter and a failed marriage to Leo. Prue, a leather-clad blonde with lots of money and power, has little love in her life. Meanwhile, Phoebe learns she used her witchcraft to kill a man who was a brutal murderer. Using her witchcraft to punish the guilty has cost more than her own life, it has also spurred a powerful politician to turn the incident into a futuristic witch-hunt for all witches. Despite their efforts Prue and Piper can't save Phoebe from being burned at the stake, but instantly the sisters are back in 1999, all safe and sound. Learning their lesson, the Halliwell sisters vow not to become the future selves they met. It's a wonderful life, isn't it?

Episode #23 (Season Premier), "Witch Trial" Original Air Date, 9/30/99 (#4399032) On their anniversary of becoming witches Prue, Piper and Phoebe face a bizarre demon who pulls the Book of Shadows into another dimension and begins reversing each spell, causing vanquished demons to return and slowly erasing the sisters powers. In addition, Prue's guilt over Andy's tragic death left her weak and reluctant to save their powers. Eventually the sisters converge on the most powerful night known to witches, the same night they became witches, and join the power of three to create the power of one recapturing the Book of Shadows and banishing the demon away in a puff of smoke. Continuing their teamwork, Prue and Phoebe refinance the house to financially support Piper's dream of starting a new night club.

SEASON ONE Episode #22, "Deva Vu All Over Again" Original Air Date, 5/26/99 In an attempt to vanquish the Charmed Ones from the mortal world forever the Devil's Sorcerer creates a terrifying time loop. Prue, Piper and Phoebe lose a battle for their lives time and time again. While trying to find a way out of their terrifying reoccurring fates, Phoebe has a premonition that Andy's life is also in jeopardy by a powerful supernatural force. It is a race against the clock over and over again until the sisters break the loop and are able to save their own lives and Andy's life as well.

Episode #21, "Love Hurts" Original Air Date, 5/19/99 Piper finally learns the supernatural truth about her lost love, Leo, when he returns to San Francisco to ask the Halliwell sisters to protect an innocent woman who is being stalked by a demonic suitor. Piper evokes a spell to switch powers with Leo when he is gravely injured in order to use his gift of healing to save his life, but the spell also switches Prue and Phoebe's powers. With the mixed up powers the Charmed Ones weak against their enemies, but the power of three prevails and Piper must say good-bye to Leo because he is a magical being who watches over witches and can never be with her.

Episode #20, "The Power Of Two" Original Air Date, 5/12/99 Phoebe sees the ghost of a serial killer while on a sightseeing visit to Alcatraz. Phoebe watches in horror as the evil spirit escapes the island seeking revenge on the people responsible for sending him to the gas chamber. Phoebe and Prue must figure out how to vanquish the evil spirit and stop him from killing again, and they must do it without Piper.

Episode #19, "Out of Sight" Original Air Date, 5/19/99 A young boy gets kidnapped by a Grimlock, and it's up to Prue, Piper and Phoebe to attempt a dangerous rescue. Meanwhile, a reporter witnesses Prue using her powers and will stop at nothing to break the story.

Episode #18, "When Bad Warlocks Go Good" Original Air Date, 4/28/99 Prue meets a young man fighting against his destiny to become evil; Phoebe tries to help Piper make a love connection.

Episode #17, "That 70's Episode" Original Air Date, 4/7/99 The Halliwells encounter a warlock that has been waiting for years to get their powers. The warlock is immune to the powers of the Charmed Ones after making a deal with their mother to spare her life in the past. In order to save themselves, the girls cast a spell which returns them to mid-70s when the deal was made, their grandmother and mother are still alive, Prue and Piper are playful little witches and Phoebe is still unborn and in the womb.

Episode #16, "Which Prue Is It, Anyway?" Original Air Date, 3/3/99 When Phoebe has a terrifying premonition of Prue being stabbed to death, Prue takes the drastic step of saying an incantation to multiply her strength and the spell surprisingly results in the creation of two additional Prues to fight the enemy, a reincarnated ancient Lord of War. Meanwhile, Piper and Phoebe try to wean Prue from her selfish and headstrong habit of always taking matters into her own hands, while Phoebe vents her aggression with a martial arts training program. Bernie Kopell ("The Love Boat") guest-stars as Earl, a suspicious medical examiner who drops a bombshell on Andy.

Episode #15, "Is There a Woogy in the House?" Original Air Date, 2/24/99 Phoebe's lifelong fear of the "Woogyman" in the basement is an ongoing source of amusement to Prue and Piper, until an earthquake unleashes a long-dormant shadow demon which turns Phoebe towards her dark side and against her own family. Much to Prue's dismay, Phoebe's erratic behavior and the bizarre deterioration of the house come to a head during a dinner party for a very important client of the auction house (guest star Nancy Moonves), who has a keen interest in the Halliwell mansion because she believes that it is located over a spiritual nexus, a point of incredible energy that can be swayed either towards undeniable good or astonishing evil.

Episode #14, "Secrets and Guys" Original Air Date, 2/17/99 A pair of vicious thugs kidnap a 13-year-old boy (David Netter, "7th Heaven) when they learn he has special powers. The boy is able to send cryptic cries for help to Prue who enlists the help of Phoebe to find the boy before he is used in a bank robbery. Meanwhile, Piper is happily surprised when her beau, Leo, reappears only to leave again. When Phoebe catches Leo doing some of his own magic, his secret is revealed. Leo is a guardian of witches who returned to help the young boy. Although he loves Piper he cannot live among witches or mortals. Even though Phoebe spills the beans about Leo's secret identity and reason for leaving...Piper disregards Phoebe's confession as a sisters sympathy and believes Leo left because he just wanted to leave.

"From Fear to Eternity" (Episode #13) Air date: 2/10/98 Prue and Phoebe find themselves in the sights of a fierce demon (guest star Bill Drago) that appears once every 1,300 years and feeds on the fears of witches for his survival. Just when it appears that the girls are going to be literally scared to death, help arrives in a very unexpected form. Piper's superstition about relationships that begin on Friday the 13th being doomed has her wallowing in frustration when a handsome stranger (guest star Steve Wilder) walks into her life on that fateful day.

"The Wedingo" (Episode #12) Air date: 2/3/98 Piper narrowly escapes with her life when she gets attacked by a Wendigo, a vicious beast that appears to be a normal person during the day and transforms into a killer at night, and while she recovers from her inuries Andy goes on a stakeout with a beautiful FBI agent (guest star Ashley Fallon) who is also hunting the creature. Meanwhile, Prue hires Phoebe to work at the auction house, but Phoebe's vision of a terrible car crash immediately sends her off on a mission to find a long-lost child.

"Feats of Clay" (Episode #11) Air date: 1/20/98 Phoebe's roguish ex-boyfriend Clay (guest star Victor Browne, "Rescue 77") comes to town looking for a reconciliation, but his attentions have always come with strings attached, in this case a stolen Egyptian urn which carries a mortal curse. Although Prue's overprotective sisterly hackles are raised by Clay's arrival, she deals with her own problem of trying to save the auction house from bankruptcy, while Piper's use of benign witchcraft in a misguided attempt at matchmaking may have the opposite effect.

"Wicca Envy" (Episode #10) Air date: 1/13/98 The Halliwell sisters are unwittingly under the control of Prue's devious boss and secret warlock, Rex (guest star Neil Roberts). Using astral projection, Rex frames Prue for stealing a priceless tiarae. As evidence mounts, Andy is forced to put Prue in jail. The sisters suspect Piper's new handyman boyfriend; Phoebe complicates matters by dating Rex. The sisters plot a quick jail-break so they can catch Rex and his co-hort in action. The spell is broken, and the two criminals go up in a puff of smoke. Andy is quick to see that Prue is innocent and drops the charges. Piper's new flame, Leo, makes a sincere and mysterious exit from her life.

"The Witch is Back" (Episode #9) Air date: 12/16/98 Prue is attacked by a 300-year-old warlock (guest star Billy Wirth), who had been trapped in a locket by Melinda Warren, an ancestor of the Halliwell sisters burned at the stake. Seeking revenge for his containment, the warlock is after Melinda's descendants, the Charmed Ones. He has the ability to copy powers; once he has copied theirs, there'll be no stopping him. The sisters cast a spell to bring back Melinda (guest star Tyler Layton); they concoct a potion just in time to banish the warlock back into the locket. Turns out Prue's co-workers were behind this devious plan to steal their powers. Piper musters up the courage to ask out the cute handyman, and Andy is frustrated by Prue's continued involvement in bizarre police investigations.

"The Truth Is Out There...And It Hurts" (Episode #8) Air date: 11/25/98 Prue stumbles across a truth spell while searching the Book of Shadows for information about a demon Phoebe saw in a premonition. The spell binds all three sisters to hear and tell the truth for 24 hours. Piper uses it to get close to the handsome handyman and tell off her overbearing boss, while Phoebe tracks down the demon's next victim. Prue learns the demon is a warlock from the future who is killing those responsible for creating a vaccine against warlocks. Phoebe protects the mother of the child who'll one day create this vaccine, while Prue and Piper send the futuristic warlock back through a swirling tunnel of time. With time running out on the spell, Prue tells Andy she's a witch and finds the truth is too much for him to accept. The spell ends, and no one but the sisters remember the truths.

"The Fourth Sister" (Episode #7) Air date: 11/18/98 While the Prue tries to find time with Andy, Phoebe and Piper vie for the attention of a handsome handyman (guest star Brian Krause). A troubled teenager, Aviva (guest star Danielle Harris) befriends Phoebe with the hopes of joining the Halliwell coven of witches. Aviva has been lured to the dark powers of witchcraft by Kali, a priestess who appears to her through a mirror. Turns out Kali has given Aviva a mission to gain the sisters' trust and steal their powers. Although Phoebe is originally trusting and is almost seduced by the dark powers of Kali, Prue and Piper bring her back to her senses and end Kali's power over Aviva.

"The Wedding From Hell" (Episode #6) Air date: 11/11/98 The sisters feel evil brewing when a priest dies before a high-society wedding that Piper is catering. Uncomfortable with the priest's mysterious death, Prue investigates a special knife that disappeared when he died. It appears the bride was responsible for the priests death and is a demon. This bride is not interested in eternal bliss but in creating more demonic offspring by putting the innocent groom under a spell to marry her. A supernatural fight ensues between the bride-to-be, her demonic wedding party and the Halliwell sisters. The demons have the magical knife that disappeared, and in the commotion, the spellbound groom ends up with the powerful weapon. The knife breaks the spell and the groom points the blade towards his former demonic fiancé and pals who get sucked into its point. During this maternal adventure Phoebe has a disturbing dream. Could Phoebe's dream about Piper carrying Jeremy's baby be just a nightmare or a premonition? He was, after all, her boyfriend for awhile before they realized he was a demon and destroyed him.

"Dream Sorcerer" (Episode #5) Air date: 11/04/98 Overworked at her new job, Prue finds her beauty sleep disturbed by strange visions in which she's taunted by a handsome man. Capable of stalking others in their dreams, he's already succeeded in killing women while they slumber. Inspector Andy Trudeau is hot on his heels. Phoebe conjures a spell to attract men, but it turns out too strong, and Piper and Phoebe can barely escape their myriad admirers. Learning their lesson, the sisters end their romantic magic and focus on Prue, who falls into a coma after the sleep demon tries to throw her off a skyscraper. At first, Prue's powers don't seem to work in dreamland. But with her sisters by her hospital bed, Prue musters the strength to send the sleep demon over the edge. He dies in his sleep, just like his victims before him.

"Dead Man Dating" (Episode #4) Air date: 10/28/98 Prue tries to avoid a birthday celebration while Phoebe takes a cheesy job as a lounge psychic so she can afford a decent birthday gift. What started as a trivial way to use her powers for cash becomes a positive experience when she saves a man's life. Prue is devastated when she finds Andy on a lunch date with the ex-Mrs. Trudeau, whom she didn't know existed. Piper befriends a ghost, Mark (guest star John Cho), who was murdered by a gang leader and whose ghostly soul will be dragged to hell if his body doesn't get a proper burial. The sisters save Mark's soul, but Piper is broken-hearted after he vanishes. Realizing every birthday in life should be celebrated, the sisters throw a bash for Prue, who accepts a forgiving smile from Andy. After all, how can she resent his keeping a secret when she has a whopper of her own.

"Thank You For Not Morphing" (Episode #3) Air date: 10/21/98 Barely have the sisters found about their new powers when their long-lost father resurfaces in their lives. How convenient! Piper and Phoebe never really knew Victor Halliwell, but Prue remembers all too well how he walked out on them. She gives Victor major attitude when she suspects he's returned to steal The Book of Shadows. It seems like everyone's in the market for a good book, because the shape-shifting neighbors have their sights set on the volume as well. They appear to be three fun-lovin' twentysomethings, but when no one's looking they turn into attack dogs, Prue's boyfriend and dear old Dad, all in an attempt to finagle the book. After working out some sticky family issues, the sisters unite their powers to save Pops and make supernatural jelly of those nasty shape-shifters. But before you can say, "Happy Father's Day," Victor has vanished again from their lives and the sisters are doing it for themselves -- again.

"I've Got You Under My Skin" (Episode #2) Air date: 10/14/98 The sisters attempt to keep their special powers in check. This proves especially challenging for Phoebe, who can't resist peeking into the future when it comes to an attractive guy. That guy looks like hip New York photographer Stefan (guest star Michael Philips) but is actually Javna, a deadly demon with an eye for the young ladies. He maintains his eternal youth by sucking away their life force, using the oldest line in the book ("Are you a model?"). Well, Phoebe falls for it. Prue rekindles her high-school romance with Andy but regrets sleeping with him on the first date. She tries to keep her new-found witch status under wraps and lands a prestigious job at an auction house. Piper worries about being a good person and a witch but her fears are calmed when she enters a church unscathed. Phoebe narrowly escapes Javna's evil eye when Prue and Piper come to her rescue. The sisters realize they have more than warlocks to worry about and much to learn about their powers.

"Something Wicca This Way comes" (Episode #1) Air date: 10/7/98 In San Francisco, the three vastly different Halliwell sisters are reunited in the grand Victorian home of their childhood: Prue, the oldest, is driven to succeed and dislikes the free-spirited antics of the youngest sister, Phoebe. Piper, the earthy middle sister, mediates between her siblings. Phoebe discovers The Book of Shadows in the attic and their witchly are activated, igniting a bond that reaches beyond petty sisterly grudges. Prue has the power to move objects, Piper to freeze time and Phoebe to see the future. The sisters must band together to battle dark forces of the supernatural world. Keeping their powers secret could prove a challenge, since Inspector Andy Trudeau, Prue's ex, is closing in on a serial killer preying on local witches. Piper narrowly escapes death when she discover her white-bread boyfriend, Jeremy, is the killer, an evil warlock. Sparks fly when the sisters try their first spell -- Jeremy is vanquished, and they discover the power of three.

Wicca Ways

There are a lot of myths and misunderstandings swirling around the religion of Wicca and the practice of witchcraft. Witchcraft and Wiccan rituals are often misunderstood as Satan worship and occult practices. But the reality is that Wicca has been practiced for almost 2000 years as a pantheistic, earth-centric religion with Celtic, Hindu, Norse and even some Christian influences.
Unfortunately, throughout history witches and those who practice witchcraft and Wicca have been persecuted. In the past, a witch has been considered someone who is evil and looks to inflict evil on others. The result of these misunderstanding is that some who practice Wicca do not even want to be called witches and simply refer to themselves as Wiccan.
Basic to Wicca beliefs is the acceptance of a God(s) and a Goddess(es), male and female, which implies a duality of the Greater Spirit. The laws governing the Wiccan beliefs are in the Wiccan Rede, or the law of the three. The Wiccan Rede's basic principle encourages witches to use their spells only for good otherwise the spells they cast for evil will come back to them three-fold.
Those who believe in Wicca revere Mother Nature, life of all types and the Earth and, which represents the Goddess(es). They also believe that each religion points ultimately, to the same divine source. Contrary to popular belief there is no place for Satan or absolute evil in Wicca. Because Wiccans believe in free will and are responsible for their own actions, they believe that any evil they cast on others will in turn bring evil to them. This leads to a similarity between Wicca and Hinduism which has a belief in Karma. As a result some Wiccans believe in reincarnation.
Many Wiccans believe that life is a journey and one is born into a higher form on each journey until no more lessons are needed on the physical plane. So the spells they cast in this journey must be for good.

Enemies of Three THE BAD GUYS OF "CHARMED"

David Carradine makes an appearance in the season finale as Tempus, a powerful warlock who can control time. He traps the Charmed Ones in a time loop in order to teach his disciple, Rodriguez, how to kill them. (Think "Groundhog Day" gone horribly wrong). Luckily, Phoebe’s power of premonition picks up on the repeating days. Each day that repeats allows Rodriguez to learn more about how to kill the sisters. By the second day he’s managed to kill both Piper and Phoebe. On his third try, the girls combine powers to put him out of commission. In the struggle he manages to kill Andy. Instead of killing Rodriguez, which would reset the time loop and save Andy, the girls cast a spell that accelerates time. This allows them to pull Tempus out of time and destroy him, at the cost of Andy’s life. Minions: Rodriguez is Tempus’ lackey. He is an FBI agent who is framing Andy. He’s blunt, cruel and a slow learner. Horror Factor: Medium. Tempus is way too cool to be really frightening. Rodriguez has his scary moments, but the fear factor is reduced by his stupidity. Body Count: One. Even though Rodriguez kills everyone but Prue over the course of the time loop, the only one that stays dead is Andy.

The Wendigo
The Wendigo is a good old-fashioned monster. Piper first runs into it when she gets a flat tire. The werewolf-like beast tears out of the forest and attacks her in a phone booth. The booth constrains her power and prevents her from freezing the fiend. The Wendigo claws Piper viciously and is about to rip out her heart when a charming stranger with a flare gun intervenes. It turns out the stranger’s fiancée was murdered by the Wendigo, along with a string of other victims. Also chasing the Wendigo is a female FBI agent. This agent later turns out to be the Wendigo. She proves quite capable of killing in either form. Minions: None. The Wendigo hunts alone. Piper briefly becomes another Wendigo after she gets clawed. The wound becomes infected and a nasty patch of fur begins to sprout around it. The girls realize that this problem will not be solved by a razor or a bottle of Nair and check the book for possible solutions. It turns out the only way to save Piper is to kill the Wendigo. To kill the Wendigo they must melt its heart of ice. When they face off they use a flare gun to accomplish this feat. Horror Factor: High. When transformed, the Wendigo is fast, hairy, vicious and frightening. The FBI agent who becomes the Wendigo is plenty scary in her own right. She has a vaguely demonic air with her wild eyebrows and is truly hideous-looking when she shatters the amateur Wendigo hunter’s neck. Body Count: At least four. Three previous victims, quite possibly more, and Billy, the man who had his betrothed mauled to death by the Wendigo.

Kali appears as a benign looking witch who speaks through a mirror. Her "Good Witch of the East" act doesn’t last long, though. When angered she becomes infused with flame. She uses a high school girl, Aviva, to try and get to the Charmed sisters. Minions: Kali’s instrument of evil is the young Aviva. Aviva is a black-haired, black-clad, "Goth" type with a mom in rehab. Her task is to worm her way into the sisters’ group and steal their magic for Kali. She immediately gets on Prue’s bad side, but strikes up a friendship with Phoebe. After Aviva lights her Aunt on fire (with a little help from Kali) she starts to have second thoughts about going through with the increasingly evil deeds Kali demands of her. Aviva backs out of the final confrontation with the sisters. Outraged, Kali possesses her body and takes on the girls herself. Horror Factor: Mixed. Aviva barely manages to be scary, even in a cute way. However, when Kali takes over her body, the girl’s eyes turn red and things get a bit freakier. The possession is thwarted when Piper freezes Aviva/Kali. The spirit of Kali is frozen while the body of Aviva drops to the ground. Piper slings Kali back into a mirror and Phoebe shatters it, sending Kali back to the nether world Body Count: One aunt in intensive care.

Hecatè (Rhymes with Tecatè®, the beer)
The Greco-Roman goddess of witches and ghosts, she only gets to walk the Earth once every two hundred years. This obviously accounts for some of her attitude as she seeks to fulfill her mission. She needs to find an innocent to mate with and help her give birth to the demon seed. Yes, the demon seed. It's in her and she wants to unleash it upon the world, where it will become a butchering demon trapped in a child’s body. She enchants the groom, leaving him a pathetic, soulless husk who’s happy to promise himself to a demon princess. Minions: Hecatè is incarnated as a wealthy society girl. As such, a clique of beautiful, snotty rich girls attach themselves to her. They would like nothing better than to help Hecatè snack on the poor male stripper who shows up for the bachelorette party. Horror Factor: High. Hecatè is ruthless and brutal. She snaps the neck of a priest like a dried twig and enjoys watching him die. Luckily, Piper and Phoebe are catering the wedding. With the help of the groom’s previous fiancée and his mother, they figure out what’s going on. When Prue gets in on the action, Hecatè is taken down. Body Count: One. An overzealous man of the cloth.

The Dream Sorcerer
With no supernatural powers to speak of, the Dream Sorcerer is a mortal sleep researcher who has learned how to enter the dreams of young women. He likes to hurl them off high places in their sleep, leaving the shattered bodies inside locked bedrooms and causing major confusion for the authorities. Horror Factor: Low to medium. He's not so much terrifying as sadistic. He attempts to seduce his victims with traditional techniques, such as sending over a glass of white wine at the bar. Body Count: The Dream Sorcerer is technically a serial killer, having murdered 4 people. His attempt to make Prue his 5th proves to be his undoing.
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