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(Vincent) "This is where the wealthy and the powerful is her world...a world apart from mine...her Catherine...from the moment I saw her she captured my heart...with her beauty...her warmth...and her courage...I knew I know now...she would change my life...forever."

(Catherine) "He comes from a secret place...far below the city streets...hiding his face from from hate and harm...he brought me there to save my life...and now...wherever I go...he is with me in spirit...for we have a bond stronger than friendship or love...and although we can not be together...we will never...ever be apart."

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Catherine Chandler (played by Linda Hamilton), 1987-1989
Vincent (played by Ron Perlman), 1987-1990
Father aka Jacob Wells (played by Roy Dotrice), 1987-1990
Deputy District Attorney Joe Maxwell (played by Jay Acovone), 1987-1990
Edie (played by Ren Woods), 1987-1988
Kipper (played by Jason Allen), pilot only
Kipper (taken over by Cory Danziger), 1987-1988
Mouse (played by David Greenlee), 1988-1990
Mary (played by Ellen Greer), 1988-1990
Zach (played by Zachary Rosencrantz), 1988-1989
William (played by Ritch Brinkley), 1988-1990
Diana Bennett (played by Jo Anderson), 1989-1990
Gabriel (played by Stephen McHattie), 1989-1990
Elliot Burch (played by Edward Albert), 1989-1990
Mark (played by Lewis Smith), 1989-1990

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Beauty And The Beast was a show that ran from September 1987 until 1990 and captured the hearts of many...with tales of romance, courage, and love...

The show began with the pilot "Once Upon A Time In The City Of New York" when Vincent saved Catherine's life by nursing her back to health below the city streets...

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